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Outstanding Durability:

The FlyDog Designer Heavy Collar is carefully crafted from premium materials and built to withstand the rigors of everyday dog โ€‹โ€‹life. With a double-stitched webbing, this collar offers exceptional strength and long life. Whether it's daily walks, hikes or playful romps, this collar can handle it all.

Double D-rings for increased strength:

Our innovative design features double D-rings to ensure the buckle is not subjected to force or tension. This extra reinforcement provides maximum control during walks and increases the overall strength of the collar.

Safety Lock buckle for added safety

Safety is paramount. The FlyDog Designer Heavy collar features a state-of-the-art Safety Lock buckle to keep your furry friend reliably secured so they stay safe even in the most adventurous moments.

Unique design for all tastes:

Express your pup's personality with a wide range of unique designs. Whether your dog has a lively attitude or prefers a traditional style, with the FlyDog Designer Heavy you have a collar that matches his character and your preferences.

Sizes that fit your dog perfectly:

Available in a variety of sizes, the FlyDog Designer Heavy collar provides a comfortable and secure fit for medium to large dogs.

Technical information Belt: 100% polypropylene, non-elastic material high load capacity, breaking limit between 250-380 kg Band: material with water-repellent properties, and durable printing densely woven material, 100% polyester Tear-resistant yarn used for sportswear The plastic elements, depending on the size, have a breaking limit of 180-350 kg The circle is made of stainless steel
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